How Adequate Description Increases Your Musically Likes

News 10:12 December 2019:

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Even after spending much time and resources in producing great music, you still getting few likes on several platforms others are having millions of likes within a short period. Maybe the music is great, but your packaging is the one letting all your efforts down the drain. Maybe it time to take a look at the following tips to raise your musically likes.

First, name the music audio or video accurately with the appropriate name. It will be your undoing if your song title is not the name of your song as fans won’t be able to locate it online. The title should be engaging, short and straight to the point. Let it be appealing and raise the viewers interest to click it.

Give a brief description of the music on what to expect on listening or viewing it. That wins their attention and motivate them to click and listen. In the description, use keywords strategically to make the music pop up among the first ones when searched online. Choose words that give a hint only. These simple consideration, when incorporated, will increase your musically likes.