Why Snapchat use is growing amongst the younger generation

News 11:12 December 2019:

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For the first time on the social media platform the younger generations have something to look forward to.  The entry of Snapchat on the social media platform came with a lot of confusion to most people.  But nobody enjoys the app like the younger generation.  They are able to create a large number of Snapchat followers without seeking help from adults.   That is something very recommendable because they can create their videos, load it on the platform and share it without for their friends and peers to share and see.  Available research indicates that 20% of the Snapchat users are in the US.f1

Snapchat is gaining momentum steadily and the reason why the issue of Snapchat followers has been on the news is that they are normally not shown as followers but scores.  The more scores you have the more followers.   This usually is not enough as people tend to want to know who is following them and who their friends online are.   The interactions on Snapchat are totally different from the many social media platforms we are used to but that aside it is one interesting platform for those who are able to get a grasp of the whole thing.

Be Natural for Snapchat Followers

The truth is that there is a lot of pressure in the world today for people to conform. We are living in the world of reality TV shows. People are showcasing their lives and portraying the living of high end lifestyles and the rest of the world is fighting to follow suit. Social media is not making things any easier as this is the age of people flossing all that they have and even what they do not have on social media. People are using social media to depict certain lives and this is being taken across board as the gospel truth. This is putting a lot of pressure on other social media uses to measure up to what they are seeing other people posting.

The truth that most people do not know is that note very thing that is posted on social media is the gospel truth. They are people that cannot even afford to hire, leave alone buy, the cars that they keep posting photos in. It is important that we understand that this is also the era of Photoshop. People can even create photos of themselves on the moon if they wanted to! We should bevery careful about what we swallow as truth and learn howto filter the content that we let get to us.f2

This pressure has particularly gotten to people on Snapchat. Snapchat allows people to post videos of their day to day activities and get to showcase their lives through these videos. The sad part is that in the quest to get many Snapchat followers and keep up with the pressure that is being exerted on the social media usersevery other day, many people are striving to create videos that are not real at all. They are going with the popular phrase, fake it till you make it but it sadly backfiring on a large number of people.

It is not bad to want beautiful things, everyone in life wants. Everyone wants to live that lavish lifestyle and look like they are on top of the pile. However, it does take a while to get there and believe you me people will understand if you are not there are still working towards it. You need to learn to accept yourself for who you and the life level that you are at. Post videos that are actually you. When you do this, the videos will appear more natural and people will actually appreciate your content more as it will be more interesting.

Choosing to take the route of trying to portray a lifestyle that is not yours will only hurt you simply because it will not come out naturally. You are trying hard to tell people about a life that you are not living thus it is one that you do not know about.  You are bound to slip up once or twice and exaggerate things here and there and this is exactly what will make people see directly through you. This will really narrow people’s opinion of you and the respect will be gone out of the window within a very short time. People will only view as a fake and will completely lose interest in everything and anything that you have to say and this will ultimately have the result of you losing Snapchat followers.

You need to understand that snapchat allows for real time sharing of events taking place in life. This then means that you need to be as real as possible and being natural in the videos that you record also becomes very important.  This is the only way that people will take you seriously on the platform and give you the following that you need. Know that word actually spreads so fast on social media and once you have been branded as a fake, it will take a very short time for Snapchat users to get the information about you and they will also stay away from you. It will be really hard for you to redeem yourself once this word is out. It is thus very important that you work to ensure that you do not even get yourself in this position to begin with. Just be yourself, embrace who you are and showcase it to the world.